Rug Restoration Nassau

With our firm, rug repair is performed extremely well. Our staff has some of the greatest weavers from the fantastic rug producing areas of the world – each weaver is a master of the techniques and yarns used in that region, so your rug won’t loose it’s value or it’s unique look.

We may additionally perform rug repair on rugs that you might think are completely destroyed. Water damage, fire, insect and destruction, in addition to deterioration from both ultraviolet rays and sunshine are all things we will repair. Not only do we proudly address the greater New York State area, but we can also accept assignments from anywhere in the United States. If you are concerned or have questions, call us. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

At the first point of wear and tear or damage, you should call us so we can give you the best possibly solution to save your family heirloom. Take a chance and you may be elated. A rug that you imagined was destroyed may be restored to its former glory. Do not wait. Send your rug in today. The optimum time to repair a rug is today. Do not let the rug hold onto further damage. People are usually surprised at how effortless a rug repair is, and how low the final cost will be; why wait any longer when you can bring your family treasure to our store and have one of our Master Weavers provide you with a free estimate.

We provide several services to you

- Reweaving missing end pieces
- If your rug once possessed corners, but is now running in circles, bring it to us. We will restore the missing corners.
-They could fix water damaged area rugs and restore them to their original glory!
- We could fix damage from moths.
-They may even repair holes in the middle of your rug with the precise threads, fibers and colors!
- If your rug’s styles are now hazy, we could put things back into perspective.
- We can tie up your rug to stop and stave off further damage.
- We can fix the fringes

If you own an heirloom quality are rug or one that you are merely especially fond of, let us do the hard work for you and make it look as good as new. We know what we are doing!

Regardless of how well you address your rug, the fibers will begin to deteriorate over time and you may find yourself in need of a good rug repair.

No two rugs are alike and we recognize that. We know each rug will take a certain amount of expertise to clean and repair. When you talk to us, we shall research your area rug to see what it’s major issues are.
The staff at our company look at each rug carefully to determine exactly what needs to be repaired, including stains, odors, damage, fading, and color fluctuation.

At this point, we may make a determination on what is required to be done so that you get your rug back in a much better condition than when we picked it up!

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