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Once your rug comes to our masterful rug cleaning company, it will be like new again. It will be more colorful, comfy and smell better. We can return your rug to its new place and make it worth more for a longer period of time. Our professionals use many steps to clean rugs depending on your particular kind of rug.

We research for the best cleaning method for your rug(s)… Our inspection shall look into the tiniest details, such as water damage, pet soiling, fire damage, pulls, stains, rips and so on. We also look to see if the color will dim or run, and the cleaning process is adapted to the rug’s needs.

Pre-washing Your Area Rug

Your rug is put in a specialized machine and tumbled to displace the dirt then vacuumed. Dirt can destroy the fibers in your rug if they are not dealt with.

The Chief Phase of the Rug Cleaning Process

We put the rug in a pool of water to help clean the dirt, soil, and spotting taking advantage of water saturation. In this pool everything is maintained, such as the rear of the carpet and any ornamental fringes.

Stage Two

Other cleaners use a soapy cleaner that stays in your rug and is like a whirlpool for dirt and dust. With our special cleaning solutions and rinses, you could be sure that your carpet will be rinsed clean, leaving behind no soap film or dirt.

Now there is a washing is a grooming and drying stage

We make sure that the pile of the rug is aligned rightly, then the rug and the fringes are combed gently. Subsequently, we use a drying room that is calibrated to provide exactly the proper drying conditions for your rug. The drying of every rug will be worked on differently based on how much humidity and airflow it needs.

Enhancing the Odor of Your Carpet

We include fragrances that help freshen the room where you put your rug and it also sanitizes your rug. To revitalize your rug we add Lemon,Cherry,Peach, or Baby Powder scents that also conditions the pile.

Finally, we perform a complete examination after the cleaning

The rugs are inspected to make sure that the cleaning and drying worked well. If the rug doesn’t pass the examination, then it is put through the full procedure again until it can pass.
What’s more, we provide rug restoration and rug repair services for any kind of rug. We have an experienced staff that can fix tears, holes, edges, and fringes. We are able to repair your rug and return it to its prior state.

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