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The first move in our mattress cleaning procedure is to vacuum. Implementing a low moisture cleaning tool is the initial phase. Then use a spray that eliminates dust mites immediately on the mattress. Drying the mattress should be the final stage in the process.

What are Indoor Allergens and How Can I Diminish Them?

Achieving and keeping a healthy home for your family involves decreasing and hopefully eliminating, indoor allergens which can be found most frequently in your carpet - and here are some tips on how to do just that.

* Vaccum completely and frequently This guideline cannot be ignored. If you have pets, you must vacuum more than the usual once a week job that most people do. The act of vacuuming takes away dust, dust mite waste products, animal dander and fur, human hair, dead skin, dead insects and mold spores from carpet, and helps remove sand and soil which can lessen the lifespan of carpets. For perfect results, utilize a vacuum that is armed with a high efficiency HEPA filter. We can help you find the ideal vacuum for you home, so just call us at 1-800-743-0034.

- Avoid utilizing a broom on your basic floors. While we all remember Mom cleaning the house totally with the broom and dust pan, all sweeping really does is spread the allergens into the air. To help make the air cleaner for your family utilize a vacuum instead of a broom and then a damp mop to finish the process.

- Ask your family and visitors to take off their shoes when they get into your house. This can diminish the increase of pollutants from the outdoors.

- Homes with forced air heating and cooling should always be certain they have the fan switched on. The fan should get the air circulating via the system's filters, helping to remove any airborne particles that may have made it inside. Be positive that you remember to change out these filters every month. The greatest filters may be HEPA certified and high-efficiency.

By using these methods, your house will be a healthier place, and your carpeting will have a lengthened lifespan.

For pet owners, keep in mind that animals bring in dust mites, precisely like humans, and this is one of the most frequent causes of allergic reactions to pets. In order to lessen the incidence of dust mites released by pets, it is advisable to carry out all animal grooming tasks outdoors.

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