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Whether it's for your firm or home furniture, we offer a full leather cleaning service.

In quite a few cases, stains on leather surfaces shall dissolve in time, or will be repelled if they are blotted immediately.

But remember, leather can soak up oils. This means the oils produced by the human body, not to mention perspiration and certain acids, so that a good leather chair may become damaged by such residue that has collected and become embedded in the leather.

In order to get your leather beautiful and functional it should be cleaned properly and regularly. Quite a few people take it for granted that leather is constructed from animal skin, and consequently do not take care of it as we do our own skin.

We'll additionally go one step further when we repair your leather by applying a special protective layer that locks moisture into the leather and prevents any permanent staining.

A number of advices for managing your leather:

- Strive not to place a leather sofa close to a radiator or fireplace as the heat may dry out the leather. The color in all sorts of materials shall gradually fade.

We Implement Cleaning Products That Are Non-Toxic and Really Safe.

To guarantee your total satisfaction, we contemplate every case individually and with the utmost in care. We implement only the safest, biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning agents.

Getting leather furniture is an option you set some time and thought into. Cleaning this investment might be as well considered as buying it was.

A real leather cleaning service is offered. The process used by our staff is a safe, easy, non-toxic, method that uses a safe cleaner to remove the staining from the leather. This process might be a lengthy one, but you could be assured that the job will be done the best possible way to bring your leather back to life.

A refinishing cream and a protective coating is applied following the time the leather has been cleaned and restored to hold onto it its appearance and protect it from the daily wear and tear of life.

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