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Your drapes are exactly as vulnerable to dust, dirt, and buildup as your furniture is. Often cleaning regimens could lengthen the beauty and lifespan of drapes while also maintaining a spotless, cheerful and healthy atmosphere throughout the home.

This is how we can help you complete such a goal…

Step 1: Your drapes are examined for any problem spots like stains, or damage from sunlight by thoroughly looking them over as these problem spots could present a challenge. Before we begin we shall determine the predicted outcome of the drapery cleaning and report to you.

Step 2: The most vital stage to textile cleaning is to excise surface soil through a Dry Pre-Vacuum. In order to remove any dust or soil that has dried, the drapes shall be completely vacuumed.

Step 3: Sponging – Using our own A&B Carpet and Rug Cleaner, we could carefully remove any remaining soil with sponges. There is no liquid involved in the use of these sponges, but they have been created with dry cleaning solvent. This kind of dry sponge is tremendously effective in eradicating oil based stains resulting from kitchen fumes and the like.

Step 4: Follow-up Spot Treatment. After that, any staining remaining from the sponge technique will receive another treatment with the necessary solvents.

Step 5: Final Cleansing – This is done with a special solution that not merely removes the last remaining dirt and muck, but will also make your drapes look brighter. The drapery benefits from a mild misting of this solution.

Step 6: In the Post Inspection phase, our employee shall inform you of the cleaning results when it is finished.

Drapes are sensitive, and as a result demand careful handling. If this process is done by someone with less than an expert standing, your drapes might shrink or be damaged in some way. We use professional machinery, and skilled technicians in our drapery cleaning service. We can shift your drapes to our location for cleaning. They will be brought back, fresh and clean, and replaced at your windows by our technician in just a few days.

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